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Swiss Medtech Day 2024

The overarching theme for 2024-2026 is Mastering Complexity. This theme addresses the dynamic changes in the world and the challenges faced by the medical technology industry.

The Swiss Medtech Day provides a platform for discussing these challenges. By sharing experiences, best practices, and innovative approaches, participants can collaboratively devise strategies to navigate complexity and ensure the industry's future viability.

  • Navigating Global Impact
    Swiss medical technology industry's need to navigate the impact of global events, including the pandemic's consequences, geopolitical uncertainties, energy crises, and climate change-related challenges requiring competences in corporate agility, networks / collaborations and global markets.

  • Innovative Responses
    The evolving business environment, marked by technological advancements, regulatory changes, global markets, and diverse customer needs, necessitates development of innovative solutions, adoption of new technologies and collaborative engagement with partners.

  • Sustainable Solutions
    Medtech firms are tasked with creating environmentally viable alternatives. Balancing sustainability and usability, the industry must devise innovative approaches that align with eco-friendly practices and meet market demands responsibly.

  • Embracing Complexity
    The industry must make informed decisions despite ambiguity and short product lifecycles, necessitating adaptability to rapidly changing market conditions, embracing an open corporate culture and making informed decisions despite uncertainty.

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Event details

11.06.2024 - 11.06.2024
Time (CET)
08:30 - 17:00
Swiss Medtech
Kursaal Bern