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Organizer: Virdis Group
Venue: Route de la Corniche 5, 1066 Eplainges, meeting room SE-B
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As the new decade begins, artificial intelligence is becoming a reality. There have been major advances in the interpretation of complex data using artificial intelligence. A recent study using imaging of Google artificial intelligence system was shown to be as good as expert radiologists at discovering which women had breast cancer. The system made the findings from thousands of mammogram images.


Advances are also being made by biotechnology companies using algorithms to identify new molecular entities and simulate clinical trials. There are many questions that a CEO and a CSO need to ask about this new technology. Will it become as basic as the test tube in the future? Will a machine replace the creativity of a human?


We will have a workshop-style session looking at what questions we need to ask of the technology in order to discuss; “if we don’t embrace artificial intelligence we will fall behind”?


The style of the event is unique and designed to take networking to another level.


12.00 – Welcome by Nathalie Rowell, CEO of Virdis Group

12.00 – 13.00 Workshop

13:00 – Lunch

PROFFESSOR TonY sedgwick, Virdis group

Tony is an experienced, entrepreneurial executive. He held various senior leadership positions in Research and Development, becoming World-Wide Head of Clinical Operations for Roche, where he built operations to more than 2000 people.  Tony has been CEO of four biotechnology companies and chairman of many. Tony is a trained executive coach and believes our business is “down to people”.  He has consulted on significant projects and organizational transformations for European pharma and biotech.

Lunch is offered but seats are limited; first come first served!

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