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Volv Global

Volv was founded to enable our customers and partners to take advantage of the latest developments in technology and data science to be better able to discover the insights from diverse data that they need to drive for better outcomes.

We use high sensitivity proprietary and open source technologies hosted on robust, secure scalable and cost effective open source platforms. Our expertise provides enabling content and insight to apply healthcare solutions in a more time efficient and cost-effective way.

We work with customers and partners to create new solutions that answer some of the toughest challenges in healthcare and life-sciences.

Our tested co-development model allows us to create replicable and applicable solutions of value to the industry.

Volv uses state of the art methods that are based on the particular challenge in-hand and work across many different data types: from utilising structured and unstructured Electronic Health Records (EHR), Twitter sources or PubMed are just a few diverse examples.

If you have a tough problem to solve in health and life-sciences, we have the team with the right experience and the cost effective infrastructure capability to help, securely.