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Voltiris SA

Voltiris, established in March 2022, is a renewable energy company based in Lausanne, Switzerland. We are the pioneers in developing the first-of-its-kind photovoltaic modules specifically designed for glass greenhouses. This innovative approach enables dual-purpose use of greenhouse surfaces: generating electricity while enhancing crop productivity. For growers, this means increased energy independence, improved profitability, and a smaller carbon footprint. What sets our solution apart is the use of dichroic filters for spectral filtering, differentiating us from competitors who use adaptive shadow or traditional photovoltaic systems. By altering the light spectrum, we provide various agronomic advantages for producers, including reduced water requirements and enhanced pest control, among other benefits.

We harness the abundant energy of the sun and leverage advanced photo-biology principles to transform the face of greenhouse agriculture. We optimize the process of photosynthesis by developing cutting-edge spectral filtering technologies. This innovation allows crops to thrive under ideal conditions while simultaneously utilizing residual light to generate clean, sustainable energy. Our focus is to thoroughly comprehend the influence of various light wavelengths on plant growth and yield. By doing so, we aim to enhance not only the productivity of our crops but also their phytosanitary conditions. This involves vigilant prevention, rigorous control of pests and diseases, and the elimination of other detrimental organisms that could pose threats to our plants and agricultural crops.

Voltiris SA
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  • Photobiology
  • Spectral Filtering
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Plant Care
  • Renewable Energy