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VivoArchitect is a Swiss-based company focused on in vivo translational research. The company support life-sciences companies and academic institutions with preclinical studies in rodents for drug discovery, particularly in neuroscience and age-associated diseases. VivoArchitect experiments are conducted in premier animal facilities in Western Europe, carefully selected for their spacious and high-quality environments, accelerated licensing processes for quicker.

An Innovative Preclinical Drug Discovery Platform, featuring 24/7 home-cage mouse activity monitoring. This technology eliminates the need for mouse handling for phenotyping, thereby improving welfare, reducing the number of animals required, significantly reducing costs, and enabling scalability. This platform will be offered to our clients and used for our in-house R&D in the near future.

VivoArchitect offers comprehensive preclinical services to meet your research needs:

  • Preclinical Mouse Research: We design custom experiments according to scientific and regulatory requirements.
  • Regulatory Licensing Guidance: We handle all paperwork necessary to get your animal research projects approved by authorities.
  • Project Management and Execution: We manage all aspects of the projects from start to finish, including mouse monitoring, treatment, behavioral tests, sample collection, and analysis.
  • Custom Data Analysis: We analyze the collected data and develop personalized applications that allow clients to continuously monitor the progress of their projects.
  • Results and Conclusion: We provide the final report, raw data, and findings, and discuss the outcomes with our clients.


Bâtiment Alanine – StartLab

Route de la Corniche 5A

1066 Epalinges



  • Mouse Preclinical
  • In Vivo
  • Animal Regulation
  • Neuroscience
  • Age-associated diseases
  • Data Analysis
  • Translational Research