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Pollux SA Scientific

Our main research objective is to develop new and efficient processes for the synthesis of natural food supplements and drug intermediates.

Our team of talented scientists and the cutting-edge technology we apply to the research has been the cornerstone of our growth.

We also have a small team that studies correlations between enzyme structure and function.
​We use protein engineering techniques to adapt enzymes to industrial conditions. 
Specialists in our team apply the following methods:
·    random mutation and selection;
·    rational design;
·    data-driven mutagenesis.
The laboratory uses biology engineering approaches to understand and subsequently modify industrially relevant bacteria.
The problem of utilising gases that are harmful to nature is extremely acute these days.
Therefore, our research focuses on obtaining useful chemicals and fuels from carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and methane.
Our accumulated knowledge and expertise in synthetic biology enables us to develop our own modelling approaches, apply genetic tools and produce fermentation assays for a wide range of microbes. 
Our strengths also include improved genomic metabolic models of a number of anaerobic and aerobic organisms. Thus, we have only advanced materials and methods in our arsenal to produce microbes for industrial and medical applications.
Among other products we have already produced are:
• acetone
• isopropanol

Pollux SA Scientific
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