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Pilatus Biosciences SA

Pilatus Biosciences is pioneering the discovery and development of first-in-class antibodies and bifunctional proteins targeting metabolic checkpoints, with the goal of driving immuno-microenvironment reprogramming to combat cancer.

Metabolic stress in the tumor microenvironment presents a formidable hurdle to the effectiveness of immune cells in combating cancer, as it triggers adaptive responses that impair the ability of immune system to eradicate the disease.

To tackle this challenge, Pilatus Biosciences leverages cutting-edge innovations rooted in the groundbreaking research of Dr. Ping-Chih Ho at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research and the University of Lausanne. Our science focuses on harnessing metabolic adaptations regulated or modulated by CD36 and interleukin-10 (IL-10) to drive immunometabolic and microenvironmental reprogramming, with the aim of overcoming this obstacle and advancing the field of cancer immunotherapy.

Pilatus Biosciences SA
Building Serine
c/o Superlab Suisse Lausanne, Lab 5
Route de la Corniche 6
1066 Epalinges


  • Anticancer Antibody Therapeutics

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