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Online Control Sàrl

Online Control develops software systems for advanced data analysis, real-time optimization, and advanced automatic control of laboratory setups and industrial processes, resulting in improved product quality, decreased energy consumption and increased performance of laboratory and production facilities. These products are sold worldwide. Since its foundation in 1997, Online Control has completed over 140 projects worldwide. With our team of highly qualified engineers and our proven business philosophy, Online Control has become a leader in its field of expertise.

Online Control offers consultancy services and develops software systems to help customers monitor, analyze, and operate their processes at significantly higher performance levels. We provide software systems that are either stand-alone PCs or integrated in the existing customer automation system. Currently, the following software systems are available:

  • PCM_Toolbox: On-line monitoring of key (quality) variables, instrument standardization, regression and/or classification of a product quality, analysis of chemical reaction data in the food, (bio)chemical, and pharmaceutical industries
  • O_Blend: Multi-criteria optimizing quality control of mixes (e.g., food, raw meal, minerals) by automatically adjusting feeder proportions
  • O_Mill: Multi-criteria optimizing quality control of finished products of mills (e.g., food, cement) by automatically adjusting the throughput and separator/cyclon settings.
  • O_Distill: Multi-criteria optimizing quality control of batch distillation columns in the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries by automatically adjusting distillate flowrate, pressures and heating/cooling devices
  • O_Reac: Customer-specific optimizing quality control strategies to reduce batch times while meeting product quality objectives

Online Control Sàrl
Bâtiment Serine
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  • Lab&industrial automation
  • AI&Data science
  • Real-time optimization
  • Digital twin
  • Worldwide commissioning

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