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Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, NewBiologix SA is a technology innovation company developing a proprietary and breakthrough DNA integration platform for the advanced engineering of human and mammalian cell lines. The company is committed to improve the generation and production of viral vectors used in gene therapies and the efficacy and safety of cell therapies by combining an innovative and proprietary bioinformatics platform with advanced R&D experimentation.

NewBiologix is currently focused on recombinant adeno-associated virus (rAAV) vectors, the preferred delivery vehicle for gene therapies. Specifically, the Company’s technologies will be applied to human (HEK-293) and mammalian (CHO) cell lines. These cell lines will be engineered to be readily adaptable to meet the viral vector demands and requirements over a full range of therapeutic indications to help partners address rare, chronic, and currently incurable diseases. Cell lines engineered with NewBiologix’s innovative platform will allow for more stable rAAV production, higher quality and predictable expression levels, less empty capsids, and better batch-to-batch reproducibility of production.