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ND BioSciences

ND BioSciences is a biotechnology company that was founded with the mission of developing and providing innovative technologies, solutions, tools, assays, and services to accelerate the development of early diagnostics and therapies for neurodegenerative diseases.
ND BioSciences has developed powerful proprietary technologies and innovative tools that enable for the first time reproducing, at both the biochemical and structural levels, the proteoforms and pathological species found in the brain and biological fluids of patients suffering from neurodegenerative diseases.

These unique capabilities combined when integrated into our novel discovery and research and development platforms place us in a very competitive position to

  • Discover and validate novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets.
  • Develop imaging agents that capture the pathological diversity of neurodegenerative diseases and enable differentiating between disease subtypes.
  • Develop sensitive and accurate assays for early diagnosis, monitoring disease progression and to support human clinical trials and precision medicine in neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Explore novel therapeutic approaches aimed at novel targets and intervening with the key processes responsible for triggering pathology, pathology spreading and neurodegeneration.
  • Establish strategic partnerships with organizations and companies that share our vision and commitment and possess complementary expertise, technologies to achieve the goals highlighted above.

Disease focus areas: Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and Tauopathies, Parkinson’s Disease (PD) and Synucleinopathies, Huntington’s Disease (HD), and Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). We believe that our technologies and innovative solutions will have wide-ranging applications in the development of novel diagnostics and therapies for several other protein misfolding diseases

We Innovate and partner to deliver clinical impact for patients suffering from neurodegenerative diseases.