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Incepto Medical – Swiss

Founded in 2018, Incepto is a platform to state-of-art AI enhanced solutions for medical imaging, providing a unified, fast, and secure customer experience. We are addressing fundamental public health issues such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases, by improving the speed, and quality of diagnosis of these pathologies.

Incepto is the first European platform for artificial intelligence solutions applied to medical imaging. With 100+ clinical sites routinely using Incepto’s platform and more than 100 000+ patient’s exams screened by AI algorithms every month, Incepto is the leading european platform for artificial intelligence solutions for all radiology specialties. Incepto has two missions : integrate AI solutions from partner AI vendors and develop AI algorithms. On one hand, it provides the full range of technical and clinical services to integrate in clinical routine AI solutions through a unified, secure and interoperable platform. On the other hand, Incepto’s scientific and medical teams are developing artificial intelligence solutions on clinical needs not currently addressed by other AI vendors. Our goal is simple : help doctors to make full use of AI technologies to save time, improve diagnosis and ultimately build together with them a more precise and human radiology for the patient.

Incepto Medical – Swiss
Building Lysine
Route de la Corniche 4
1066 Epalinges


  • Artificial intelligence
  • AI application platform
  • Deep learning
  • AI for decision support
  • Improving diagnostic in radiology