CxO specializes in providing strategic guidance and operational support to life science and healthcare technology companies. From offering part-time C-level services to facilitating pre-clinical, CMC, and clinical activities, an experienced team of  professionals is dedicated to driving success and growth for your organization.

The company understand the unique challenges faced by start-ups in the biotech industry. With their in-depth knowledge and expertise, we aim to enhance the efficiency and overall success of your start-up journey.

CxO service model is designed to be modular, allowing flexibility, scalability, and capital efficiency, tailored to meet the specific needs of your company.

The objective is to leverage your existing strengths and collaborate with you to maximize the value of your company.



  • Fundraising Support: We help secure both equity and debt financing to fuel your growth and innovation.
  • Budget Implementation and Preparation: Their experts develop meticulous budgets aligned with your strategic objectives.
  • ERP and Internal Controls Implementation: Streamline financial processes with tailored ERP systems and robust internal controls.
  • Long-Term Retention Plan (ESOP) Strategy: Attract and retain talent with competitive ESOP and incentive programs.
  • Financial Audit Management: We ensure smooth and compliant financial audits


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  • Biotech Services
  • CFO Services
  • CMC
  • Drug Development
  • Operation Support