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CXIO Foundation

CXIO Foundation gathers the first community of actors  implicated in the future of medicine, named « Ambassadors ».

Our Ambassadors are :

  • Therapists : nurse, psychologist, MD (general practitioner, psychiatrist, oncologist, pediatrician etc.), physiotherapist, naturopath, etc
  • Non-therapists : engineer, lawyer, CEO, secretary etc

This foundation sustains and/or organizes events with experts sustaining an integrative vision of medicine.
We can sustain financially and/or in the logistic field and/or with our large network your project in this field.

CXIO Foundation gives courses to a large public including healthcare professionals.

Free videos of our speakers are available on our YouTube channel.

Born in 2017, CXIO is a Swiss non profit Foundation supporting integrative medicine, as well as a vision of a more respectful and healthier world.
This Foundation is located in the Biopôle, part of the Lemanic Health Valley in Switzerland.
CXIO is legally recognized to be a foundation of public interest. Therefore your donation is deductible from your taxable income.

Our community : no employees, only enthusiastic volunteers!

CXIO is inspired by the esperanto word, which means “all”, an illustration of the mission of the foundation : to promote an universal medicine, integrating both classical medicine and complementary medicines, in a global approach of the human being, in all its physical, psychological and contextual unity.

CXIO Foundation
Glycine Building
Route de la Corniche 1
1066 Epalinges


  • Integrative medicine
  • Financial support
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