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BDVerse SA

BDVerse SA provides companies with unique expertise within the healthcare market and with dedicated services that will accelerate your development : – Digital expertise : digital platform, low code ERP, tailor made tools, UX and UI design, MVP – Finance expertise : business plans, financing, restructuring – Strategic Marketing : value proposition, client targeting, growth and market development

BDVerse is a development framework that accelerates the deployment of the digital transformation of companies. Unlike cloud concept, it allows companies to have full control of their digital applications from UI to Data. BDVerse platform aims to avoid redeveloping things that have been developed main times over and over. It is an accelerator by 60% IT/engineer project development. BDVerse applications to be selected within existing core modules and adapted to client specifications : – Sales management – Inventory management – Data security and management – License management – Account management – Order management – Product management – AI and machine learning databases – Customer management BDVerse digital modules are deployed on premises or cloud solutions

c/o DH2
Route de la Corniche 3
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  • custom development with associated costs reduced by 60%
  • rapid development platform and tailor made solutions
  • data privacy and security
  • Financial and strategic marketing advices
  • Business accelerator