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Agora Care

Agora Care is a company that offers a secure and cost-effective solution for long-term storage and easy access to patients’ medical imaging data. It aims to shift the paradigm of data ownership by giving patients direct access to their imaging records and allowing them to store and share their data with healthcare providers and other individuals. Agora Care also aims to create a large database for medical research and clinical trials, encouraging patients to contribute to medical research and benefit from innovative treatments.

Agora Care differentiates itself through its team’s expertise in developing open-source imaging software platforms, such as OsiriX and Kheops, used globally in academic and research centers. The company’s value proposition lies in its patient-centric approach, offering a solution to the lack of appropriate patient management and data communication in healthcare systems. It also positions itself as a facilitator for research, supporting the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning tools by providing access to large datasets for training and validation.

Agora Care
c/o DH2
Route de la Corniche 3
1066 Epalinges


  • Medical Imaging
  • Radiology
  • Electronic Medical Record
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data