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AC BioScience

Founded by Andreas Schläpfer and Prof. Christian Auclair in 2017, AC BioScience is a biotech company pioneering the development of novel therapies in immuno-oncology and tumour vascular normalisation. Three of its molecules have blockbuster potential and two will enter clinical trials in 2022/23.
AC BioScience’s lead compounds do not compete against existing drugs; they enhance their efficacy in combination treatments across a broad spectrum of cancers: ACB1801 is aiming to potentiate anti PD-1 therapy efficacy through actin dynamic remodelling; ACB2003.4 is acting as a tumor vascular normaliser thereby improving delivery and efficacy of cytotoxic therapies.

The medical objective of ACB2003.4 is to validate and bring to clinical use, a novel approach to improve the treatment of metastatic pancreatic adenocarcinoma using a proangiogenic molecule S1P lyase inhibitor acting as a tumor vascular normaliser. ACB2003.4 increased in pharmacological experiments the plasmatic concentration of S1P and acted as a tumor vascular normaliser, thereby improving delivery and efficacy of cytotoxic therapies.

The company’s patented Beta-carboline derivative (ACB1801) is an actin dynamic modulator which induces cellular F-actin network remodeling (tumor reversal). ACB1801 displays non cytotoxic antitumor activity and potentates therapeutic benefit of anti PD-1 in melanoma B16-F10 mouse model; recovery of tumor antigenicity and reversion of
malignant phenotype. Our patented cationic amphipathic peptide (CAP6) shows great promise in vivo as a highly effective treatment for lung cancer (NSCLC).

AC BioScience
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  • Immuno-Oncology therapy (anti PD-1)
  • Oncology, chemo- and radiotherapy
  • Infectious diseases therapy