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AC BioScience

Founded by Andreas Schläpfer and Prof. Christian Auclair in 2017, AC BioScience is a clinical stage biotech company pioneering immune modulating and angiogenic oncology therapies to provide more effective treatments for solid tumors such as colorectal cancers and pancreatic adenocarcinoma.
The company’s two lead molecules enhance existing drugs’ efficacy in combination treatments across a broad range of cancers:-

Our molecule ACB2003.4 , a Sphingosine-1 lyase inhibitor, will be a first-in-man angiogenic cancer therapy that will enable cytotoxic drug delivery to the core of the hypoxic cancer and to the microenvironment of the tumor thus increasing efficacy of existing treatments. Hypoxia will be reduced by inducing re-vascularization to and within the tumor, with an improvement of lymphocytes infiltration. An exploratory Phase 2 clinical trial with metastatic pancreatic cancer patients will start in 2023.

Our molecule ACB1801 offers a groundbreaking treatment solution by potentiating immunotherapy efficacy and eligibility. ACB1801, a Beta carboline derivative, is a multikinase inhibitor that modulates the malignant phenotype of tumor cells. ACB1801 converts non-responder patients into candidates for anti PD-1 therapy.  Clinical trials expected to start in 2024.

AC BioScience
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  • Immuno-Oncology therapy (anti PD-1)
  • Oncology, chemo- and radiotherapy
  • Infectious diseases therapy