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30.03.2017 17:00 | CTI projects in Life Science : make them successful!

Organizer: Alliance & Biopôle
Venue: Biopôle IV, route de la Corniche 3, R-1, 1006 Epalinges
Contact for registration: http://www.alliance-tt.ch/manifestations/36

CTI’s mission is to fund innovative projects. What can you expect in Life Sciences in 2017 and how can you make your projects successful ? This conference will be in English.


Do you have an idea of an innovative product or service ? Do you need a collaboration with an academic partner to make it happen ? Then the CTI is the funding tool you are looking for.

This conference will provide a focus on the Alliance program and the CTI new funding conditions. You will get information on the important things to take into account in order to make your proposal successful.

You will also benefit from experiences from companies active in Life Sciences and having successfully submitted a CTI application.


  • 17:20 Welcome
    Olivier Philippe, Head of Business Development, Biopôle SA
    Pascale Van Landuyt, Innovation Mentor, Alliance
  • 17:30 Increase your innovation potential thanks to academia
    Pascale Van Landuyt, Innovation Mentor, Alliance
  • 17:45 New CTI financing rules as from 2017
    Robert Van Kommer, CTI Innovation Mentor, CTI
  • 18:00 Company presentation and testimonials
    John Dennis, CEO, My-Vitality Sàrl
    Anthony Aho, CEO, PB&B SA
    Pierre Hutter, CSO, Sophia Genetics SA
  • 18:45 Q&A session
  • 19:00 Networking aperitif


Contact for registration: http://www.alliance-tt.ch/manifestations/36

Événements Biopôle

23.05.2017 12:00 | Worshop@Biopôle: Key issues in building a strong patent portfolio in life sciences: A practical approach

Organizer: Biopôle SA & Katzarov
Venue: Biopôle, Route de la Corniche 3, Building IV, 1066 Epalinges
Contact for registration: info@biopole.ch

During a lunch break time slot Biopôle’s workshops allow their attendees to profit from an expert’s unique experience about a selected subject, and to share experiences and insights in a very convivial hands-on format.

Come and join us on our next workshop and share good food and precious learning:

Key issues in building a strong patent portfolio in life sciences: A practical approach

This workshop will provide you with a practical overview of issues that must be considered – and often earlier than might be imagined – by those unfamiliar with the patenting process when setting out to build a strong patent portfolio in life sciences.

Take the opportunity to discuss together with an experienced Patent Attorney the following topics:

  • Timing for filing a patent application
  • Identifying promising inventions (patentable inventions vs non-patentable inventions)
  • Filing one or more (strong) priority application(s)
  • International (PCT) patent application filing vs National/Regional filings
  • Patent life cycle management (SPC, PTE, specific pharma formulations, etc.)
  • Tuesday May 23rd

From 12:00 to 14:00
Biopôle IV. Route de la Corniche 3
Room 1

For reservations: info@biopôle.ch

Gilles Pfend is a partner with KATZAROV, an intellectual property firm specialized in protecting Life Science inventions. He possesses a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and is a Swiss & European Patent Attorney that specializes in pharmaceutical, chemical and biotech inventions. Since 2001, Gilles counsels local and international Life Sciences clients on strategic issues relating to the development and management of their global patent portfolios.  His practice focuses on preparing and prosecuting patents with a key objective of ensuring that the clients’ business objectives are met.  He also performs patentability analysis, due diligence analyses and renders opinions on freedom-to-operate.

Blog on Life Sciences: https://digital-pillbox.com/

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15.06.2017 09:00 | SWISSHLG Summer Conference: « Challenges in Financing Life Science Ventures » – Partners or investors, where is the money and what does it come with?

Organizer: Biopôle SA & SwissHLG
Venue: Biopôle/Hotel Aquatis, Lausanne

Swiss HLG Summer Conference
June 15, 2017

Topic: « Challenges in Financing Life Science Ventures » – Partners or Investors, where is the money and what does it come with »?

The 2017 Swiss HLG Summer Conference, is a joint venture with Biopole SA and will be held on the 15th June 2017 at the Hotel Aquatis, Lausanne.

The aim of the conference is to establish high-quality networking among the Swiss Romand healthcare companies, including start-ups, medium and large pharma, life science, biotech and other hybrids of healthcare-centric players. There is also the opportunity for selected companies to increase visibility through conducting an elevator pitch of their innovation.

More information coming soon

For any question please contact olivier.philippe at biopole.ch

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28.06.2017 09:00 | Healthtech Summit : moving from technologies to solutions

Organizer: TechTour
Venue: Biopôle / Lausanne
Registration deadline: 28.06.2017

For its 8th edition, the Healthtech Summit will return to Lausanne on 26 – 28 June 2017 and will once again focus on showcasing the top 20 medtech and top 20 digital health companies in Europe. The 40 presenting companies, represented by their CEOs and carefully selected by our Selection Committees, will have the opportunity to network with key international investors who can assist them with their global expansion plans. Furthermore, the program will see a balanced and varied succession of corporate presentations, interactive plenary sessions on opportunities related to accelerating investment as well as dedicated networking sessions, Networking Dinner and Lunch. The 2017 edition of the Healthtech Summit will focus on Medtech & Diagnostics and Digital Health.

More information

For any question please contact olivier.philippe at biopole.ch

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10.10.2017 08:00 | The Alpine High-tech Venture Forum (AHVF)

Organizer: TechTour
Venue: Biopôle - Aquatis Hotel & Conference Center
Contact for registration: http://www.e-unlimited.com/register2/0-register.aspx?events_id=1801

The Alpine High-tech Venture Forum (AHVF) will be an unique event for the most innovative entrepreneurs operating in Switzerland and its surrounding regions focused on Life Sciences, Clean Technology and Information Technology to meet and present themselves to active international investors and corporations seeking for  investment and partnerships.

AHVF is hosted by Canton de Vaud  and will be this year at its sixth edition. It plays an important role in the promotion of the dynamic and innovative professional entrepreneurs within the Alpine area. It also promotes the venture capitalists in the Alpine area and the rest of Europe to support their partnerships and investments.

The best high growth companies
Some 40 early-stage companies active in the high technology sectors will be selected to present at the Forum by the Selection Board, who will assess them on the basis of their business potential, technology merit, competitive position, investment interest and  team experience.

More information

For any question please contact olivier.philippe at biopole.ch