ADC Therapeutics chose Biopôle for its headquarters because it offers a unique combination of good local and international logistical connections, a vibrant community of biotech and medtech companies, and it can accommodate our space and technical requirements as we grow.

Chris Martin – CEO at ADC Therapeutics

Biopôle offers a unique opportunity to interact with high caliber academic and scientific industry executives in the field of life sciences. It is an ideal place for networking, and cross-fertilization of businesses. This is why Adipogen has selected  Biopôle for its R&D and manufacturing facility.

Maximilien Murone – Managing Director at Adipogen

At Biopôle our business can develop successfully both in the short and long terms thanks to the key interactions that we can develop here.

Claire Martin Leroy – Managing Director at Clinopsis

What is unique about Biopôle is the close interaction of many SMEs and the strong and visionary leadership.

Claire Martin Leroy – Managing Director at Clinopsis

We chose Biopôle because we wanted to be in a stimulating environment close to our clients and business partners.

Claire Martin Leroy – Managing Director at Clinopsis

Location, environment and services, all in one place. Switzerland is a business friendly country, and Biopôle is 45 minutes from Geneva international airport, located in the Lemanic Arc which represents a truly international and healthcare oriented region.

Saad Harti – President at Legacy Healthcare

At Biopôle our business can genuinely grow, and we hope to return to other start-ups what we have benefited from our location here!

Saad Harti – President at Legacy Healthcare

We chose Biopôle because, as a biopharma startup, it offered us the environment and versatility a burgeoning company needs. We could move to larger premises any time we needed. We started a clinical trial with the regional hospital (CHUV) which is three metro station from Biopôle.

Saad Harti – President at Legacy Healthcare

We chose Biopôle for its focus on attracting innovative healthcare-related companies and the location. Having a multitude of young and growing complementary healthcare-related companies provides a collaborative environment, while the site is easily accessible by public transport or car.

Ronald Kempers – CEO at Mymetics

Il y a eu une entente absolument excellente grâce à tout le support qu’on a pu obtenir de Biopôle SA. En fait, le résultat c’est des employés très, très motivés et très contents d’avoir fait ce changement. Les changements ne sont jamais faciles, et ça c’est très bien passé au Biopôle.

Greg Behar – CEO at Nestlé Health Science

On cherchait un centre scientifique avec un réseau d’entreprise dans les sciences de la vie, un site qui nous permet des accès faciles et qui soit nouveau et jeune avec un esprit d’entreprise nouvelle. On a donc décidé de venir au Biopôle.

Greg Behar – CEO at Nestlé Health Science

Être dans un environnement comme ici au Biopôle nous permet d’avoir un réseau très important au niveau académique. La Suisse a quand même des plateformes technologique et scientifique très avancées. Beaucoup, beaucoup d’opportunités ont été créées suite à notre arrivée ici au Biopôle.

Greg Behar – CEO at Nestlé Health Science

Biopôle perfectly embodies what Switzerland is about. You really feel engaged, it’s interactive and it has a personality. It accelerates our ability to do business because of Biopôle’s location, collaborative environment, and the atmosphere really fosters the idea of innovation.

Abigail Buckwaler – Global Marketing HA at Nestlé Health Science

Here at Biopôle we find an ecosystem where research, science, technology as well as commercial development of products all come together, allowing us to actually make an impact on people’s lives.

Brian Hasemi – Executive Chairman at Novigenix

We have chosen to be in Biopôle, in the Canton of Vaud because of the great tradition for innovation. Modern infrastructure and laboratories at Biopôle allow us to be at the heart of cancer research. We are looking forward to developing new collaborations and partnerships with new comers to Biopôle.

Brian Hasemi – Executive Chairman at Novigenix

Je ne pourrais que chaudement encourager les sociétés à s’installer au Biopôle parce que c’est un site qui est très agréable, tous est très proche et il existe une très bonne cohabitation avec les voisins et les entreprise de diverses tailles. On a des très bonnes conditions et on collabore bien tous ensemble.

Snezana Andrejevic-Blant – Director at Unilabs Pathologie SA

Biopôle is unique. Big companies and startups all interact in the same place, and you have access to high quality work places. For our business, it is key to be in the middle of a diagnostics development ecosystem: laboratories, hospitals, diagnostic companies and cancer research institutes.

Miguel Arturo BARRETO-SANZ – CEO and co-founder at SimplicityBio

The Biopôle is one of the most vibrant ecosystems for life sciences innovation in Europe. This expansion opens a universe of opportunity to foster our innovation capabilities by collaborating with the world class research centres, academic groups and hospitals in the Lausanne vicinity. At the same time, Glenmark’s long-term commitment to our development centre in the region of Neuchȃtel will remain a key priority.

Kurt Stoeckli – President and Chief Scientific Officer of Glenmark Pharmaceuticals