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Celebrating StartLab’s Anniversary with Volumina Medical

Interview with Amélie Béduer, CEO & Co-Founder at Volumina Medical

In 2018, Biopôle SA launched its first initiative to support young life sciences start-ups. A lot has changed since then: 11 companies have joined the programme, we augmented the equipment in the laboratory and there is an inspiring and vibrant atmosphere amongst entrepreneurs. StartLab has grown and developed continuously with and for its members, trying to best accommodate their needs.

We want you to meet the first entrepreneurs to enrol in the programme. In 2021, they are approaching the end of their incubation cycle.


You joined StartLab in 2018. How has your company developed since then?

When we arrived at StartLab there were three of us; now we have a team of ten. We’ve made significant progress developing our regenerative therapy based on biomaterials. We’re now in the process of raising Series A for conducting large-scale clinical trials.

First a scientist, then an entrepreneur. What’s the biggest challenge when wearing both hats?

I think it’s a great opportunity to be both scientist and entrepreneur. It means that you learn about, practise and understand the whole range of activities. The challenge of course is being able to constantly adapt to our audience.

Last year you enrolled in the CAS* in Life Sciences Product Management. What did you learn?

I learnt about the importance of developing good processes and to follow and execute them in a pragmatic way.

StartLab offers both infrastructure and managerial support. How did the programme help you develop your company?

StartLab is a unique place. I’m particularly happy that the structure fosters close relationships between start-ups.

In your statement you say ‘Our mission is to help 1.8 million breast cancer patients annually to recover and retrieve the original shape and feel of their breast.’ Where are you now on the journey of helping patients?

We have achieved exceptional preclinical results and have completed feasibility studies in replicating human tissue. We’re about to start clinical trials and are raising Series A.

Your incubation period is almost over. What’s next?

We’ll probably move to a new and bigger office space at Biopôle. However, we’ll continue working in StartLab’s laboratory where we have set up our own clean room to manufacture our implantable devices.


*Certificate of Advanced Studies at UNIL