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Biopôle Women in Sciences Series

Interview with Tuula Martin, Principal at Xenva Limited

February 11th was the International Day of Women and Girls in Sciences. Biopôle celebrated this day by interviewing women members of the campus who succeeded in their scientific career.

Here is the interview with Tuula Martin, Principal at Xenva Limited.


What are you currently working on?

I invest globally in later-stage life sciences companies and mentor a number of early-stage life sciences CEOs on an ad hoc basis.


Which job challenges are you about to face in the upcoming months? 

As a reaction to the global pandemic, the financial markets started investing heavily in life sciences companies. There will undoubtedly be a transition away from this market segment in the coming months and it will be challenging to foresee the pace and direction of this transition. I also see a large number of investment opportunities and it is always a challenge to pick the winners and real game changers.


Who is your role model in science?

My grandmother is my role model in science. She was one of the first ever women in Finland to graduate with a Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences and she went on to build a successful veterinary pharmacy practice at a time when women did not do such things. She was a true pioneer.


What is your wish for the younger generation of girls dreaming of working in STEM? 

I hope they dream big and strive for the highest positions in science, both in business and in academia, so that women’s voices are heard in the development of science and engineering globally.