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Cybernatus offers a secure and dynamic hosting of your information system.
Cybernatus’ tailor-made hosting and managed services solutions will increase the performance of your IT while providing you with greater security and flexibility. Your recurring IT infrastructure costs will be optimized and become transparent!
We are experts in secure application and data hosting as well as IT security and IT architecture consulting. Thanks to the close attention and advice of our specialists, we can offer scalable services that adapt to the needs and development of your business.
Cybernatus is part of the Ofac Group, active in the health sector, and benefits from more than fifty years of its experience in the processing of sensitive data.
Cybernatus customers have their own private cloud hosted in Ofac’s data centers, which are based in Switzerland on several separate sites. They can rely on high-level performance in terms of IT security and compliance with the data protection law, as evidenced by its triple certification: ISO 27001, GoodPriv@cy and OCPD (The Swiss Ordinance on Data Protection Certification).
Cybernatus SA has offices in Zurich, Neuenegg (BE), Lausanne and Geneva.

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