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Basilicò Pizza

Basilicò was born from the vision of Carmelo, an experienced Italian pizzaiolo of many years, who envisioned offering you a simple and good pizza, made according to the traditional Italian recipe.
Basilicò is above all a desire to share the passion for Italian cooking through this itinerant pizzeria, preparing orders in front of you and sharing with you our anecdotes and traditions about our recipes!
Indeed, this is the best way to be in contact and share Italian conviviality with the customer... (and accent!).
A 100% Italian team at the service of your taste buds!

In order to put in place all the necessary hygiene measures to guarantee your safety, it is best to:

  • order by whatsapp at the following number 078 708 23 26
  • pay by Twint (number: 078 708 23 26) or par card
  • collect the order (1 person at a time) respecting the distances

Basilicò Pizzeria Itinerante

1020 Renens


  • Food truck
  • Take Away
  • Take Away
  • Italian Food