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  • 1500+ high skilled talents

  • 75 life sciences companies

  • Up to 134,000 m2 of offices and laboratories

  • 14 technology

  • 25 research units from
    2 world renowned research institutions

  • 1 vibrant life sciences community

  • Numerous

  • 80,000 m2
    of landscape


SB-A – offices & laboratories

6 route de la corniche

7,650 m2

property developer:


SV-A – offices & laboratories

10 route de la corniche

3,570 m2

property developer:


SC-A – offices

4 route de la corniche

1,540 m2

property developer:


SC-B – offices

2 route de la corniche

5,500 m2

property developer:


SC-C – offices

1 route de la corniche

8,820 m2

property developer:

la vaudoise

SE-A – offices & laboratories

3 route de la corniche

8,700 m2

property developer:

orox capital

SE-B – offices & laboratories

5 route de la corniche

8,700 m2

property developer:

retraites populaires

SE-D – offices & laboratories

9 route de la corniche

5,340 m2

property developer:

orox capital


With the full support of our shareholders from the Canton of Vaud, we are planning investments to construct another 4 buildings in the period 2019-2022, adding another 37,000 m2 of offices and laboratories.

Being Swiss, we naturally deliver a world-leading level of quality in all we offer. Our promise of performance covers the physical attributes of the buildings, facility management, the technology platforms with shared access, and the everyday amenities for all of us working onsite (e.g. hotel, shops, café, medical centre, bank, pharmacy).

Moreover, we offer a suite of added-value services which enable our partners to benefit from best in class expertise for activities such as purchasing, finance, legal, business development, communications, marketing and executive coaching. This means that you can focus on what you do best: developing innovative solutions for life science challenges.

In a physical location such as Biopôle we enable both industry and academia to co-exist. But more than that, we work with all parties to ensure that there is communal knowledge and appreciation of what projects they are pursuing and where there might be opportunities for synergies and collaboration.

While we are open to all therapeutic areas, our main focus is to bring together partners developing innovative solutions in the fields of oncology, immunology and personalised medicine. These solutions can cover a wide spectrum from diagnostics to therapeutics, medical devices, nutrition and digital health.