Our services

  • Pro-active membership of the vibrant Biopôle community

  • Privileged access to
    activities and events
    organised on site

  • Discount on professional
    services of partner organisations.

  • Higher visibility thanks to joint promotion.

  • Free membership of
    exclusive online platform.

  • Privileged access
    to our academic partners’ platforms
    (UniL and CHUV).

  • Introductions to
    Biopôle’s experts network.

In order to nurture this vibrant community, we offer a world-class combination of infrastructure, added-value services, living space and neighbourly engagement where our partners can thrive.

We have put together, and continuously work on, a suite of services and benefits for Biopôle industry members and academic neighbours which foster professional development, collegiate collaboration and personal relationships.

In collaboration with our academic neighbours CHUV and UNIL, Biopôle offers its community members the opportunity to take advantage of existing research infrastructure and privileged access to the various life sciences platforms and laboratories. Please click on the following link to know more about the Technology Platforms & Services @ Biopôle.

Central to our community is the online platform exclusive to members. This is a great tool to exchange news, events, discussion forums, and even items for sale & purchase.

Our role is to help you bring science alive. In this respect, the human spirit of curiosity and exchange is vital. We remain open to all ideas for how we can further improve this spirit here at Biopôle.