Biopôle SA

Who we are and our role

Biopôle SA is the owner of the site on which the life science campus is situated. Founded in 2004 by the canton of Vaud public authorities, Biopôle SA is a privately held not-for-profit company that is responsible for the management and promotion of the campus. As a business partner and enabler, it develops innovative approaches and programmes to foster inter-organisational collaboration on campus and in the region.

We all understand the basic nuts and bolts of a park for life sciences: buildings, laboratories, facility management, etc. This is what everybody expects, and what everybody is sold. We at Biopôle believe this proposition misses the biggest single ingredient that is critical for success: a vibrant community where ideas cross boundaries, generations and disciplines in a naturally collaborative spirit. We offer a world-class combination of infrastructure, added-value services, living space and community engagement where our partners can thrive.

The site has been developed in partnership with property developers so that by 2019 there were 7 buildings completed. There are investments planned to construct several more buildings, bringing the site’s total portfolio to 134,000 m2 of world-class offices and laboratories.

We are led by a dynamic executive team with a great track-record in life sciences, supported by an experienced Board of Directors. Our role is to nurture the vibrant Biopôle life science community.

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