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24.06.2019 11:00Tech Tour HTS: First Annual European Roundtable for Prevention in Health (Invitation-only)

The Prevention in Health (PiH) Roundtable is an invitation-only meeting taking place on Monday 24 June in Lausanne, Switzerland, before the Tech Tour Healthtech Summit (HTS) taking place in Lausanne, 25-26 June 2019.

The Roundtable will raise awareness and showcase current opportunities for investment and development strategies focusing on how the people’s lifestyle is impacting health. It will bring together leading specialized investors, public institution representatives, selected corporate leaders and entrepreneurs on an invitation-only basis around a content-rich, interactive and memorable programme.

The First Annual European Roundtable for Prevention in Health is being organized in collaboration with the Tech Tour Healthtech Summit and the International Venture Club. Under the guidance of Sarah Fisher, Senior Director, Global External Innovation in Johnson & Johnson and in collaboration with the former Medtronic worldwide VP Alain Coudray as presiding over the 2019 Healthtech Summit edition.

The First Annual European Roundtable for Prevention in Health will:

  • Gather international stakeholders across industry verticals with an interest in promoting health and nutrition and reducing chronic disease
  • Share insights from diverse vertical initiatives in the science and promotion of health for populations and environments
  • Identify synergies and opportunities for collaboration drawn from evidence-based insights that can be explored beyond traditional vertical boundaries to support outcomes generation


11:00 Registration
11:30 Welcome and Opening
11:45 Keynote Speech Johnson & Johnson
12:00 Keynote Speech, Health
12:15 Keynote Speech, AgriTech
12:30 Fireside chat: Scientific & Clinical view
12:45 Networking Lunch
14:00 Panel Discussion, Nutritional Science, Food Tech, Ag Tech
14:40 Workshop: Nutrition and Food for Health
15:00 Workshop: Cross sector innovation: Foodtech, AgTech and HealthTech
15:20 Workshop: The Business model behind Lifestyle Medicine
15:50 Short Coffee Break
16:10 Wrap–up of the outcomes from the workshops
16:30 Success Story, Growth Company & Investor
16:50 Closing Keynote
17:30 Transport to the IVC Networking Evening
18:00 Registration — IVC Networking Evening
18:30 Plenary Part
19:30 Networking Drinks and Dinner
21:30 End of Networking Evening

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