Part of the Center for Immunology and Infection Lausanne (CIIL).

Research fields

Formulation of vaccine adjuvants and evaluation of adjuvanted vaccines (prophylactic / therapeutic, human / veterinary). In particular:

– Preclinical evaluation of adjuvanted vaccines
– Development of analytical methods related to adjuvants and adjuvanted vaccines
– Development of adjuvant manufacturing processes compatible with industrial scale-up
– Training on vaccine adjuvants and adjuvanted vaccine development
– Provision of adjuvant know-how to the vaccine community

Main research methods

– Vaccine formulation (particle size, zetapotential, sedimentation, flocculation, etc)
– Analytical tools (cryo-TEM, HPLC-ELSD, MS, etc) for characterizing vaccines
– Immunological evaluation of vaccines (B-cell, T-cell responses) in various animal models