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 QuartzBio is a technology-driven multiomic data integration and informatics solution.  It combines the first platform to successfully integrate diverse biomarker data with AI and computational biology-based approaches for insight generation — making complex connections within clinical data ecosystems a reality.

 Biomarkers are increasingly at the forefront of drug development as they are central to understanding and predicting clinical outcomes across a variety of treatments and populations. However, the proliferation of biomarker data poses a massive challenge for teams to compile and integrate data sets comprising tens of millions of data points from multiple labs covering ever more diverse assay types. Just as EDC technology revolutionized the industry’s approach to clinical data management, QuartzBio revolutionizes the management of biomarker data with a proprietary technology-driven solution and deep expertise in data and biological sciences.

Integral to QuartzBio’s holistic approach to extracting value from biomarker data is a cloud-based platform that enables sponsor teams to visualize, analyze, and collaborate their data sets as well as a leading translational informatics and computational biology team to augment our clients’ insight generation capabilities.  This translational informatics and computational biology team applies a range of techniques – including a proprietary AI platform – for disease modeling, pathway selection, patient stratification, and drug repurposing.

 The QuartzBio team has global experience, covering over 100 clinical trials and more than 500 biomarker data sets.