At Biopôle since 2018

DistalMotion is a Swiss medical device venture and the developer of the DEXTER surgical robot.

Our ambition is to render robotic surgery meaningful: The true benefits of robotics are dexterity, precision and ergonomics. We bring them to every laparoscopic surgery – in a smart, small and affordable format.

– NATIVE INTEGRATION WITH LAPAROSCOPY. Surgeons remain sterile and can switch between laparoscopy and DEXTER in less than 20 seconds. Instead of being forced to perform all surgical tasks with a monolithic robot, surgeons can use DEXTER where it makes sense (i.e. for lengthy tasks such as suturing and dissection), while continue using existing, advanced laparoscopic instruments (e.g. stapler, vessel sealers…) where practical.

– MODULAR AND OPEN: We focus on augmenting the two arms of the surgeon with the benefits of robotics while keeping the rest of the laparoscopic procedure unchanged (e.g. trocar placement, surgical setup, workflows). Therefore, DEXTER is fully complementary to the latest innovations in advanced laparoscopic instruments, imaging (e.g. 4K, 3D, fluorescence) and intelligence.

– UNIQUE AFFORDABILITY. We offer robotics in a pay-per-use business model. When performing ten or more robotic procedures per month, the total cost of using our robotic solution is below $1’000 per case – including robot, instruments, accessories, training, maintenance and upgrades. This makes DEXTER accessible for every laparoscopic operating room in the world.

DistalMotion is backed by a small yet experience team and a group of private investors. DEXTER is manufactured in Switzerland.