Creativity is often the result of serendipity and a nurturing environment. Many ideas are born in academic campuses. But then comes the hard part of turning those ideas into concrete products or solutions which can be valued in the real world.

Innovation can be described as this journey from idea to market. The role of an incubator is to enable start-up entrepreneurs to take the bold step of moving out of their comfort zone while providing an environment designed to maximize their chances of success.

We have undertaken considerable research and spoken with many start-ups. We identified the keys to success for a life science entrepreneur looking for the best “incubator” to be home to his or her great new idea. We have formulated the perfect recipe:

  • A physical infrastructure which enables you to take your project out of a purely academic environment as efficiently as possible; so you can develop an entrepreneurial mind-set and experience the realities of the business world
  • A tailor-made life sciences-dedicated location with shared laboratories, equipment and offices
  • Minimal financial burden or fixed commitments enabling projects to pivot quicker
  • A dynamic ecosystem in which you can thrive
  • An accessible network of experts from whom you can learn new skills and knowledge that are vital for turning an idea into a viable business reality

Here at Biopôle we have learned from this research and discussions with you, so have now developed what we believe is the optimum solution with StartLab.