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RE(ACT) Discovery Institute

The RE(ACT) Discovery Institute is a unique not-for-profit environment that supports innovative and highly competent research into therapeutics for rare diseases. The RE(ACT) Discovery Institute is an accelerator for research in therapeutic development, enabling academic laboratories with cutting-edge modern technologies to discover and develop potential treatments and diagnostic tools for rare diseases.

Thus the objective of the RE(ACT) Discovery Institute is to foster the discovery and development of novel therapeutics for rare diseases. The rationale is to capitalize on the available structures for drug discovery and translate the potential of the basic science performed by academic researchers and small start-up companies into treatments for patients by participating in and collaborating with clinical centers up to Phases II and III of clinical trials. 

The principal aim of the RD-INSTITUTE is to support and speed up drug discovery and drug development for the treatment of rare diseases, reducing the risks of falls in the clinic. Drugs fail for two reasons: i) they do not work, and ii) they are not safe. For this reason, RD-INSTITUTE’s activities are focused on the most critical steps in developing a new drug for rare diseases: target validation, pre-clinical assessments, and clinical trials.

The RD-INSTITUTE is a platform that promotes innovative therapeutic R&D programs to address high unmet medical needs in rare and orphan diseases. The RD-INSTITUTE will bring:

– Robust R&D platform based on pharmaceutical industry standards,

– Substantial therapeutic area expertise in rare diseases,

– Key competencies with a proven track record in industrial therapeutic R&D,
– A network of world-class specialists in the field of rare diseases.

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