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Phi Pharma

Phi Pharma SA is a private Swiss-based biopharmaceutical company. It specializes in the discovery to early clinical development of drug conjugates for improving treatment of diseases with high-medical need. Phi Pharma technology allows development of a powerful new class of peptide drug conjugates through specific cellular targeting and efficient intra-cellular delivery. Company programs are in oncology and infectious diseases.

Phi Pharma technology differentiation resides in providing a peptide alternative to Antibody-Drug-Conjugates (ADC) with a new paradigm: “high capacity / tailored affinity”. In addition to Phi Pharma IP around the peptide platform, Phi Pharma offers the opportunity to leverage the IP of existing active ingredients.

Phi Pharma intracellular targeting technology transforms drug potency by targeting therapeutic molecules inside a range of different tumour cells and certain activated white blood cells. Initial Phi Pharma targeting peptides have been optimised for cell specific binding and high capacity delivery into leucocyte tumors and activated leukocyte subsets. These properties allow increased drug concentration inside targeted cells while sparing off-target cell side-effects. Peptide-drug conjugates are designed for improved pharmacokinetic properties and uncoupling of the drug inside the target cells.

Phi Pharma
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