Inmodi is a medical device company developing a new generation of smart wearables for in motion assessment of joint integrity and for delivery of new digital joint health biomarkers to allow personalization of care.

Joint pain is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide. The main reason for knee pain is osteoarthritis, that greatly limits mobility, denying an independent lifestyle. Improved patient stratification is required to develop and employ better and personalized treatments. Inmodi has developed a smart wearable platform for an in motion joint health assessment, with the objective of optimizing patient-specific treatment plans and improving outcomes. The Inmodi solution provides an easy way to assess and monitor knee health at any point of care and determines the best possible personalized therapeutic options based on a holistic joint assessment in a natural setting – when the joint is in motion. The core of the technology is a combination of acoustic, thermal and kinematic sensor modalities and an AI-based data analysis software which extract new relevant biomarkers of the joint representative of its function, and used to design patient-specific solutions.

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  • smart wearable
  • knee disorders
  • diagnostics
  • sensors
  • machine learning