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The Fondation vaudoise pour le dépistage du cancer joined the Centre universitaire de médecine générale et santé publique, Unisanté, on 1 January 2020. On behalf of the State of Vaud, Unisanté now implements the cantonal breast and colon cancer screening programmes. The Foundation’s objective is to widen screening in the population of the canton at an early stage before symptoms are felt, thus improving the chances of curing those discovered to have cancer.

Our missions:
• To organise systematic screening for the population in question in the best possible conditions using scientifically validated screening tests.
• To inform the population in question of the advantages and risks of screening.
• To enable the evaluation and efficacy of the system set up.

Breast cancer screening programme:
The breast cancer screening programme of the Canton Vaud concerns all women aged between 50 and 74 who are resident in the Canton Vaud (approx. 80,000 women). These women are sent a letter every two years inviting them to have a screening mammogram. 90% of the cost is reimbursed by their basic health insurance with no excess. Women over 74 who wish to continue in the screening programme on the recommandation of their doctor can obtain an appointment for a mammogram, with the same financial advantages, by phoning the Cancer Screening Foundation of the Canton Vaud.

Colon cancer screening:
The colon cancer screening programme of the Canton Vaud is a new screening programme which began in September 2015. It concerns all Canton Vaud residents aged between 50 and 69 who do not present a high or very high risk of developing colon cancer. The population in question will gradually be invited to consult a general practitioner (GP) to obtain personalised information on colon cancer screening. Two tests are offered within the framework of the organised screening:
• Colonoscopy
• Occult blood testing in the stools (FIT test)