At Biopôle since 2011.

Facilitim, an innovative solution for facility management in your site.

A central point of contact for the management of all operational of a site.

Facilitim offers a range of customized services:

1. Assistance in the conception of the site
– Council during the concept phase
– Preparation of the commissioning
– Ensure the transition from construction to operations

2. Site Management
– Facilitate the daily management of the site
– Being the unique contact on-site
∞ Presence on-site during defined hours
∞ Constant interactions with the users or residents
∞ General surveillance activity
∞ Management of the on site communication
∞ Updating of regulations and directives
∞ Control of the quality of services
∞ Interface for emergency services
∞ Coordination of all interventions in the area
∞ Management of sub-contractors
∞ Technical and infrastructural maintenance
∞ Winter service
∞ Management of parkings
∞ Management of external public areas
∞ Waste management
– If necessary: administration of a community of owners in the same neighborhood

3. Building administration
Organize and supervise the administration and the maintenance of buildings
∞ Financial management
∞ Rental management
∞ Technical Management
∞ Concierge service

4. People Services
– Cleaning of premises
– Handyman / Concierge
– Logistics and postal services
– Dry cleaning
– Reception Service
– Phone and Internet Infrastructur