At Biopôle since 2018

Our AI Models brings Diagnostics with a better Accuracy (better sensitivity and specificity) and also a better performance: Real Time Diagnostics in less than 1 second. We also invent the future of AI in our Labs at Swiss BIOPOLE with embedded AI for new disruptive Med tech devices as our AI MODELS leads to SUPRA HUMAN PERFORMANCE with AI to best assist the Doctors. With our Embedded Ai we put the neural networks on very small chips and we reduce the time to diagnose Virus, Cancers, Diseases. from several minutes or months for cancers, to real time with Embedded AI Diagnostics (AI Diagnosis on chips in milliseconds for a cancer).

Deep cube since its incorporation in march 2018 has done 5 Ai Models:
* AI Diagnostic of the Colorectal cancer,
* AI Diagnostic of the Breast cancer,
* AI Diagnostic for Metastases in Biopsies,
* AI Diagnostic of the Glaucoma,
* AI Diagnostic of the Diabetic Retinopathy.

Deep Cube also released 6 new ongoing patents in AI for Medical imaging (images and videos).