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VitalizeDx focuses on measurements and analyses of saliva for diagnostic purposes to the end of developing therapeutic strategies in the fields of wellness, preventive medicine and chronic disease.

At VitalizeDx, we provide to adult healthcare consumers an affordable precision wellness journey through at-home proprietary salivary hormones and RNA fingerprinting. The VitalizeDx app powered by AI allows customers to continuously monitor their health, receive customized nutriceutical solutions and be assigned to selected specialists matching their biological and phenotypic fingerprints. The VitalizeDx app allows customers to compare& follow their personal wellness journey in real-time with attainable goals by connecting with the VitalizeDx community of users and professionals.

Vitalize DX
c/o StartLab
Alanine Buidling
Route de la Corniche 5
1066 Epalinges


  • Salivary diagnostics
  • Genetic fingerprint
  • Bioactive Hormones
  • Nutraceutical Solutions
  • Personalized wellness journey